Pandora's place

Welcome to my personal site, currently under construction!

Most useful bit is "Links & Profiles" probably. :)


What I'm about


I'm an entrepreneur turned wannabe porn star. I'm following my passion (being a kinky nymphomaniac) while learning about the sex industry. I'm a geek and love messing with live streaming tech which is part of my main plan.

It is early days, but I've got quite a following on and have started setting up my company, Pandemos Productions Ltd.

Lily's Links & Profiles

I've a number of profiles on various sites for different purposes. You can find more info about me there as well as pics and vids:

Twitter - Main social network

Instagram - just started this one

TSlive / Chaturbate - camming

AdultWork - escort profile

Xvideos - Slightly different porn

Pornhub - main vanilla porn site

FetLife - Kink/fetish profile

I've two other Web sites in the works as well:

My "hard reality live porn" project

(early stages of building)


Corporate site for Pandemos Productions Ltd.

(also under construction)

Sharing Stories


To keep up to date with my story as I try launch my career please follow me on Twitter and/or sign up for my mailing list (below).

If you use any of the other sites I've listed to the left please follow me there too! I'm often posting saucy pics / vids. ;)

keep updated!